Master in Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering is the application of technology in the synthesis of systems for control, computation and communication. This program focuses on the design, analysis, and application of computers and on their applications as components of systems.

Atlantis University provides students with inspiration and quality education in the theory and practice of computer engineering. The Master of Science in Computer Engineering presents an in-depth study in computer engineering which focuses on networking and software engineering. As technology rapidly advances this degree prepares graduates with the knowledge necessary to compete in the ever changing technological landscape. management profession.

The School of Information Technology and Engineering Sciences offers the Master of Science in Computer Engineering to prepare graduates for careers in telecommunications, industry, government, education, networking and software development.

Focusing on principles and concepts underlying the design and integration of hardware and software components and systems, the Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree gives the graduates the tools to become competitive professionals, confident in electronically controlled systems and devices.



Graduates who choose to pursue a career in telecommunications, industry, government, education, networking, and software development will become successful engineers, scientists, or educators who demonstrate strong leadership, technical, and team skills. They will also be committed to continuing professional development.


What you’ll learn

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering is a 30-semester-credit-hour graduate program taught in 10 modules.
The program is designed to be completed in 20 months (80 weeks).


Each semester at Atlantis University is 16 weeks long, composed of two mini-terms of eight weeks each. This program can be completed in five semesters. Each semester, students enrolled in the Master of Science in Computer Engineering program complete a total of two courses for six graduate credit-hours.

Course #

Course Name

Credit Hours

EGN 508

Enterprise Client-Server Software Systems Design


EGN 512

High-Performance Programming with Multicore and GPUs


EGN 514

Wireless Communications


EGN 534

Networking the Physical World


EGN 545

Introduction to Embedded Systems


EGN 557

Computer Architecture and Design


EGN 618

Advanced Network Security


EGN 625

Advanced Digital Design with Verilog and FPGA


EGN 649

Final Research Project


EGN 699

Capstone Field Project



Admissions Requirements

As required by the Commission for Independent Education, students pursuing a master’s degree at Atlantis University must successfully complete a minimum of 24 semester-credit-hours beyond the bachelor’s level in a specific business administration curriculum.
In order to qualify for admission, students must:

  • Complete an enrollment agreement.
  • Have a personal interview with Atlantis University, either over the phone or onsite at the Atlantis University Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida campus.
  • Submit a resume indicating education and complete work history.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent conferred by a verified institution of postsecondary education.
  • Send transcripts from previous educational pursuits.

Acceptable postsecondary institutions of education include:

A) Institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, or

B) Institutions recognized by the Department/Ministry of Education of the country where the institution is in operation.

An undergraduate degree in business is not a requirement; qualified students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The admission decision is based on a combination of a student’s undergraduate academic performance, relevant professional experience, and letters of recommendation.

Applicants must have completed a minimum of 120 credit-hours at the undergraduate level, including at least 30 credit-hours of general education. They must have either earned a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) or completed over three years of full-time relevant work experience.

Atlantis University’s master’s degree programs are taught in English and Spanish. English proficiency is required if a student’s primary language is not English; this can be established by passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum TOEFL score of 500 must be achieved on the written format or 173 on the computerized version. TOEFL scores will be sent from ETS/TOEFL to the campus at the request of the student. Fees for having test scores sent to the campus by the TOEFL testing office range from $17 to $29 and are paid for by the student. The institution will assist students in expediting this process. AU maintains a list of Prometric centers/testing sites where the TOEFL is administered in the area.

Please see the admissions department for more information.
Official transcripts and any other documentation must be forwarded directly to the school by the granting institution.