Gainful Employment Disclosures

Atlantis University understands the importance of providing clear information about its program costs, time of completion, value, and professional outcomes of its offerings. The Gainful Employment Disclosures, required by the Department of Education (under 34 CFR 688.6) provide insightful information about the occupations, outcomes, tuition and living expenses of the University academic offerings, including statistical data of placement rates and other relevant information.

On the links below, you will find Gainful Employment Disclosures updated per year; and as you will find, the Disclosures define each program as follows:

Length: is defined in weeks, as the number of weeks it takes a typical student to complete a specific program of study. For example, the US Department of Education has defined the time to complete an Associate’s Degree as 2 years, 20 months, or 80 weeks; and the time to complete a Bachelor’s Degree as 4 years, 40 months, or 164 weeks.

Costs: is the Program costs based on the specific pricing structure for each program, which is determined by the cost of tuition per credit per program.

Students Borrowing Money: is defined by the percentage of the total student population enrolled in that specific program and who have incurred in federal or private loans.

Graduates who got jobs: is defined as the percentage of graduates from that program who have successfully graduated and found employment within the field, and the typical job titles they find placement in.