Our focus is on Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Networking.

The Atlantis University School of Computer Science and Information Technology has been at the forefront of south Florida’s efforts to develop research, knowledge and technology in the areas of Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Networking.

The school’s faculty, students and alumni have established and helped develop hundreds of companies that have laid the technological and business foundations of south Florida. By having industry certifications included within the completion of any program, the School of Computer Science and Information Technology believes that all IT professionals should have a technical and deep understanding of not only cloud computing, cybersecurity and networking, but of all the new technologies that will affect the lives of people and organizations around the world.

Today, the university partners with the leading technology firms & vendors to shape up-to-date, industry-relevant curriculum that connects students with immediate career opportunities. Our current curriculum incorporates certifications and content that has been developed in partnership with Cisco, Wireshark, EC Council, CompTIA, CISSP, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

Our Programs in Computer Science and IT

The university’s  programs are devoted exclusively to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) disciplines, with programs, concentrations, minors, electives and continuing education courses that give students the opportunity to gain knowledge in areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, networking, coding, big data, artificial intelligence, digital biology, virtual reality, drone sciences and more.

A.U Memberships & Partnerships

The Credo

What are the inevitable futures that will affect society? What is destined to happen in society? How will technology affect business operations in 5 years? Will driverless cars, virtual reality and artificial intelligence affect our way of life? Are professions in cyber security, cloud computing and networking likely to grow? Atlantis University knows that the world will constantly change and education in the future will look very different from what it looks like today. For this reason, the School of Computer Science & Information Technology believes that curriculum should be constantly updated & education should consistently evolve in a way that allows all students to gain certified technical skills through improved methods of experiential learning.


Computer Science & Information Tech jobs are growing at two times the national average.


I.T. professionals earn an average of $1,325 to $1650 a week, which makes them among the highest paid professionals in the country.

Relevant Curriculum

Learn through a curriculum that incorporates industry certifications within the completion of the degree while gaining expertise in the fields of cyber security, cloud computing, and networking.

Industry Alignment

Gain current, relevant IT skills through courses that align with CISCO ICND1 &2, CompTIA N+, S+ & Linux +, Wireshark, Amazon Web Services Architect Associate & Professional, Office 365 Associate, EC Council CEH & ECSA, and ISC2 CISSP exams.

Professors & Trainers

Learn from experienced instructors who do it for a living. Our instructors, trainers and professors range from CEOs, CTO, VPs and IT Directors to coders, hackers and free-lance software engineers.

Experiential Learning

Gain experience by doing through on hand-on learning and practical application of Information Technology.

Internships & Career Preparation

Get skills and knowledge that can help you keep up with the ever-changing world of IT.

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