Bachelor in Management Information Systems

Bachelor in Management
Information Systems

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Our goal is to help students prepare for a career in management positions by shaping creative thinkers, strong communicators and the best negotiators.


IT Advances Will Dominate the Future:
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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program focuses on the design of technological information systems, including computing systems, as solutions to business and research data and communications support needs. The program includes instruction in the principles of computer hardware and software components, algorithms, databases, telecommunications, user tactics, application testing, and human interface design.

Atlantis University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree program that can be obtained by: transferring credits earned in a Computer Information Technology Associate’s Degree (60 credit hours) or equivalent and completing the remaining prescribed major courses (additional 63 credit hours) for a total of 123 semester credit hours.

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Program Objective

  • To plan, construct, troubleshoot, and maintain enterprise network infrastructures.
  • To design, configure, and maintain a cloud infrastructure.
  • To equip students with the skills in protection and application of network security, compliance/operational intelligence, threats, access control, and cryptography.
  • To use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies.
  • Through a conceptual understanding, apply technological skills in hardware, networking, security, cloud computing, database, web development, IT project management and research to analyze and solve problems.