Computer Information Technology

(672 Clock Hours / 42 Credit Hours – Estimated Completion Time 14 months)

Get a Solid Base in Network, Cloud and Cyber Security

The Computer Information Technology (CIT) program at Atlantis University combines the training for the Network Operations Program, the Enterprise Cloud Professional (ECP) Program, and the InfoSec Professional Program (ISP) into one complete IT Professional Program. Therefore, the CIT Program prepares graduates for employment in the Computer Information Technology industry. The skills developed in the course work lead to successful careers as network administrator, data communication manager, communication specialist, and similar positions. Atlantis University laboratories allow for students to attain hands-on experiences in the design, deployment and management intra/internet client/server networks. Courses within this program can be transferred towards the AS and BS Degree Programs.

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Program Objective

The Computer Information Technology (CIT) Program prepares students to become IT Professionals using the latest IT technologies of Industry Leaders such as, CompTIA, Cisco, Amazon and Microsoft. Students are trained to gain the necessary skills and proven job-role capabilities to effectively work with Amazon, Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco technologies.

Program Outline

 To receive a Computer Information Technology Diploma, students must complete 672 Clock hours or 42 Credit hours for the program, as follows: 12 Credit hours in prescribed NOP curriculum, 9 Credit hours in prescribed ECP curriculum, 6 Credit hours in prescribed ISP curriculum, and an additional 15 credit hours in IT related elective curriculum (Linux, Computer Forensics, Cisco, NOP, Oracle, other) as indicated in the program outline below: Program requirements are indicated below.

Transfer your Network Operations Credits

Network Operations students will be able to transfer their earned credits towards the completion of the Bachelor in Information Technology. Each class within this program is 3 credits, giving all students the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and credits.


  • Attend class when it’s convenient for you – days, evenings or online.


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Transfer your Credits

  • Transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Learn from experience

  • Get real-world insight from faculty averaging 24 years of professional experience.

Get Prepared for IT Certifications:
Network +
As part of your AU IT Program

AU prepares IT students for important certifications for specific areas of focus as part of their degree or diploma program, but the student
must apply for and complete the certifications on his or her own.


Taking this class:

CIT-280 Network Design

Prepares you for:


Network+ Certification

Suggested Program Breakdown by Course

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
NOP TRACK (Network Operations Program)
CIT 280Network Design (Prep for Network+ Certification)3
CIT 281Network Administration & Technical Support (Prep for Cisco ICDN1 Certification)3
CIT 282Advanced Network Administration (Prep for Cisco ICDN2 Certification)3
CIT 283Troubleshooting with Wireshark3
ECP TRACK (Enterprise Cloud Professional Program)
CIT 280Network Design (Prep for Network+ Certification)3
CIT 381Linux Technology (Prep for Linux+ Certification)3
CIT 382Cloud Technology Developer (Prep for AWS Solutions Associate Certification)3
CIT 383Advanced Cloud Technology Architect (Prep for AWS Solutions Professional Certification)3
CIT 384Manage Cloud Technology Identities & Requirements (Prep for Managing Office 365 Identities & Requirements Certification)3
CIT 385Enabling Cloud Services (Prep for Enabling Office 365 Services Certification)3
Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
ISP TRACK (InfoSec Professional Program)
CIT 480Security Technology (Prep for Security+ Certification)3
CIT 481Security Ethical Hacking (Prep for EC Council CEH Certification)3
CIT 482Security Analyst (Prep for EC Council ECSA Certification)3
CIT 483Information Systems Security (Prep for ISC2 CISSP  Certification)3
CIT 484Advanced Information Systems Security
(Prep for ISC2 CISSP Certification)
CIT 100Introduction to Computers3
CIT 107Introduction to Computer Forensics3
CIT 108Network Computer Forensics3

What’s my investment?

We pride ourselves in delivery quality education at a lower cost. Atlantis University is half the cost of other traditional universities.

Academic InstitutionsAverage Cost/Semester Per Semester
(Graduate program = 4 months)
University of Miami$16,700.00
Barry University$14,080.00
Nova Southeastern University$12,200.00
Florida International University$9,200.00
Miami Dade$7,100.00
Atlantis University$5,400.00 *Without scholarship