Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program provides students with a solid foundation and expertise in the areas of Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Networking. The program will prepare students for an industry that is in high demand and constant change, and will help graduates develop skills that are relevant to meet industry standards and needs.

Atlantis University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree program that can be obtained by: transferring credits earned in a Computer Information Technology Associate’s Degree (60 credit hours) or equivalent and completing the remaining prescribed major courses (additional 63 credit hours) for a total of 123 semester credit hours.

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Student Perspective

Through this program, students will be able to effectively demonstrate advanced skills in business application software, programming languages, design, configure, and maintain a cloud infrastructure. Students will also learn to design, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain enterprise network infrastructures. With Cyber security being among the fastest-growing career paths for the foreseeable future students will be able to obtain skills consist of theoretical and hands on studies in the protection and application of network security, compliance/operational intelligence, threats, access control, and cryptography.

Transfer your Credits
Transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Graduate with Certifications
This program incorporates seven industry-recognized certifications into your course of study.

Program Objective

Upon completion of the Information Technology Bachelor Degree Program, students may seek employment in business, government, or a variety of industries where a combination of general business and information technology skills are needed. In addition to the outcomes listed for the School of Computer Sciences and Technology bachelor-level degree program, upon graduation, Information Technology students will be able to:

  • Use information technology to revitalize business and achieve strategic goals
  • Identify the basic elements of business opportunities in electronic commerce

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What you’ll earn

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Compete at a global scale for high paying stable I.T. Careers
  • Be able to confidently design, deploy, and maintain critical I.T. infrastructures in the cloud or onsite
  • Be able to effectively and efficiently work with next generation technologies such as cyber security UTMs, Cisco Nexus & UCS platforms, Amazon Web Services cloud appliances, Software Defined WAN’s, and so forth.
  • Design dynamic websites using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Implementa automation in the Enterprise through Python programming
  • Bring insight to the Enterprise with data analytics with Tableau
  • Have the confidence to lead technical projects that align with business initiative
  • Bring technological innovation to the Enterprise and be a major contributor to society

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology

(123 Credit Hours – Estimated Completion Time: 41 months)   (Select from the following courses, or from course equivalent offerings)

Program Outline

To receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, students must earn 123.0 credit hours.
Program requirements are indicated below. Credit hours in parentheses indicate the required number of credit hours in each discipline:

Lower Division Major Courses (45 credits required)
CIT 100 Introduction to Computers 3.0 credit hours
CIT 107 Introduction to Computer Forensics 3.0 credit hours
CIT 108 Network Computer Forensics 3.0 credit hours
CIT 122 Mobile Forensics 3.0 credit hours
CIT 200 Network + 3.0 credit hours
CIT 201 Cisco ICND 1 3.0 credit hours
CIT 202 Cisco ICND 2 3.0 credit hours
CIT 203 Troubleshooting with Wireshark 3.0 credit hours
CIT 250 Org. and Technology of Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
CIT 301 Linux+ 3.0 credit hours
CIT 302 Amazon Web Services Solutions Associate 3.0 credit hours
CIT 303 Amazon Web Services Solutions Professional 3.0 credit hours
CIT 304 Office 365 Solutions Associate 3.0 credit hours
CIT 351 IT Project Managemen 3.0 credit hours
CIT 352 Management Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
Upper Division Major Courses (30 Credits Required)
CIT 400 Security + 3.0 credit hours
CIT 402 EC Council CEH 3.0 credit hours
CIT 403 EC Council ECSA 3.0 credit hours
CIT 404 ISC2 CISSP 1 3.0 credit hours
CIT 404 ISC2 CISSP 2 3.0 credit hours
CIT 450 Database & Security Administration 3.0 credit hours
CIT 451 Oracle Database Administration 3.0 credit hours
CIT 452 HTML5 & Web Development Fundamentals 3.0 credit hours
CIT 453 Expert Systems 3.0 credit hours
CIT 454 Cyber law 3.0 credit hours
Elective courses (18 CREDIT HOURS)
EMPL  100 Internship 3.0 credit hours
EMPL  101 Employment Skills 3.0 credit hours
BUS    101 Introduction to Business 3.0 credit hours
MRKT 101 Principles of Marketing 3.0 credit hours
CIT    111 Decision Support Systems 3.0 credit hours
CIT    112 Enterprise Operating System 3.0 credit hours

What’s my investment?

We pride ourselves in delivery quality education at a lower cost. Atlantis University is half the cost of other traditional universities.

Academic Institutions Average Cost/Semester Per Semester
(Graduate program = 4 months)
University of Miami $16,700.00
Barry University $14,080.00
Nova Southeastern University $12,200.00
Florida International University $9,200.00
Miami Dade $7,100.00
Atlantis University $5,400.00 *Without scholarship

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