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Enterprise Cloud Professional Diploma

(288 Clock Hours / 18 Credit Hours * – Estimated Completion Time 6 months)

Program Description

Over the last 5 years, global corporations of all sizes have been witnessing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of operating an IT infrastructure in the cloud. The Enterprise Cloud Professional program at Atlantis University has been developed by cloud computing experts that bring years of field experience and insight to the program. Our program focuses on the latest cloud standards according to top industry authorities such as but not limited to NIST, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, IBM and others.

According to CompTIA 4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing, 1 out of 10 companies use some form of cloud technology. It is imperative for IT professional to be up to date on cloud based platforms.

Why We Are Different
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Program Objective

The Enterprise Cloud Professional program provides the necessary skills to design, configure, and maintain a cloud infrastructure. Students will learn to work with public, private, and hybrid clouds within any size corporation. Students class work is based upon a competency model where the completion of assigned hands on labs dictates the pass or fail in the class. This in turn provides a more comprehensive assessment of field readiness. After the completion of this program, student will have the opportunity to take and pass industry sought after certifications such as CompTIA Network+/Linux+, Amazon AWS Associate/Professional, and Office 365 solutions associate.

Upon completion of the Enterprise Cloud Professional Program, students may seek employment in business, government, or a variety of industries where a combination of basic computer technology solutions, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting skills are needed.

Transfer your Network Operations Credits

Enterprise Cloud Professional students will be able to transfer their earned credits towards the completion of the Bachelor in Information Technology. Each class within this program is 3 credits, giving all students the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and credits.

Transfer your Credits
Transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Get Prepared for IT Certifications
AU prepares IT students for important certifications for specific areas of focus as part of their degree or diploma program, but the student must apply for and complete the certifications on his or her own. AU provides the program of study, the courses, the study materials and the instruction towards an IT certification, but it is the responsibility of the student to follow through and obtain the certification from the respective certification organization.

Program Outline

To receive an Enterprise Cloud Professional Diploma, students must complete 288 Clock hours or 18 Credit hours for the program, as follows: 12 Credit hours in prescribed ECP curriculum, and an additional 6 credit hours in either ECP curriculum or related IT courses (Linux, Computer Forensics, Cisco, Oracle, other). Program requirements are indicated below.

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Suggested Program Breakdown by Course

Course Number Course Title Clock Hours
CIT 221 Network + 48
CIT 222 Linux+ 48
CIT 300 Amazon Web Services Solutions Associate 48
CIT 301 Amazon Web Services Solutions Professional 48
CIT 302 or E Office 365 Solutions Associate 48

What’s my investment?

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Academic Institutions Average Cost/Semester Per Semester
(Graduate program = 4 months)
University of Miami $16,700.00
Barry University $14,080.00
Nova Southeastern University $12,200.00
Florida International University $9,200.00
Miami Dade $7,100.00
Atlantis University $6,722.00 *Without scholarship

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