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Network Operations Program Diploma (NOP)

(192 Clock Hours / 12 Credit Hours – Estimated Completion Time 4 months)

Program Description

The overwhelming majority of today’s internet traffic travels over network pathways built by cutting edge equipment. As corporations embrace the new era of enterprise automation, transformation, and software defined infrastructures, more than ever IT professionals must have the necessary know how to bring value to an organization. Our Network Operations Professional program introduces and prepares students to pursue a career in network operations, network analysis, and network engineering. Through an innovated hands-on curriculum, students learn how to design, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain enterprise network infrastructures. This program prepares students for a career in Networking.

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Program Objective

The Network Operations Program is designed to enable graduates to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and preparedness to take the N+ and Cisco Certification Exams.

Students get real hands on learning experience directly related to the real world working environment in professional classrooms settings with state-of-the-art technology lead by certified and highly qualified experienced professors.

Upon completion of the Network Operations Program, students may seek entry-level employment in business, government, or a variety of industries where general computer networking and basic technical skills are needed.

Transfer your Network Operations Credits

Network Operations students will be able to transfer their earned credits towards the completion of the Bachelor in Information Technology. Each class within this program is 3 credits, giving all students the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and credits.

Transfer your Credits
Transfer up to 90 credits toward your undergraduate degree.

Get Prepared for IT Certifications
AU prepares IT students for important certifications for specific areas of focus as part of their degree or diploma program, but the student must apply for and complete the certifications on his or her own. AU provides the program of study, the courses, the study materials and the instruction towards an IT certification, but it is the responsibility of the student to follow through and obtain the certification from the respective certification organization.

Program Outline

To receive a Network Operations Diploma, students must complete 192 Clock hours or 12 Credit hours for the program. Program requirements are indicated below:

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Suggested Program Breakdown by Course

Course Number Course Title Clock Hours
CIT 221 Network+ 48
CIT 114 Cisco ICND 1 48
CIT 110 Cisco ICND 2 48
CIT 106 Troubleshooting with Wireshark 48

What’s my investment?

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Academic Institutions Average Cost/Semester Per Semester
(Graduate program = 4 months)
University of Miami $16,700.00
Barry University $14,080.00
Nova Southeastern University $12,200.00
Florida International University $9,200.00
Miami Dade $7,100.00
Atlantis University $5,400.00 *Without scholarship

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