Associate in Business Marketing



The A.S. in Business Marketing program trains students for employment in various industries that utilize business marketing skills and knowledge.

Adding to their overview of marketing, students will also gain skills in accounting, computer applications, human resources, leadership, management, and administration. The program consists of courses that require readings, exams, projects, and outcomes assessments determined by each instructor to meet course objectives.

Focused on the Web

Focused on the Web: Every company has a strong online presence. Your curriculum places special emphasis on online marketing.

Market Yourself

Market Yourself: Marketing is about selling. Learning the tools of cross channel promotion is essential for any successful marketer. That is the emphasis our students receive in the marketing degree.

Startup Branding

Startup Branding: The marketing curriculum focuses on creative marketing and branding. We encourage our students to be innovators by giving them the tools and mentors to build up new companies. Knowing how to properly promote a starting company is a key element for any marketer.

Project Based

Project-Based: All of the marketing classes are project based; this means that you will always be required to approach your work with real life scenarios on how to properly market your company.
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To receive an Associate of Science in Business Marketing, students must earn 60 semester-credit-hours.


We pride ourselves in the delivery of quality education at a lower cost. Atlantis University is half the cost of other traditional universities.
Academic InstitutionsAverage Cost/Semester Per Semester
(Undergraduate 4 months)
University of Miami
Barry University
Nova Southeastern University
Florida International University
Miami Dade$7,100.00
Atlantis University$5.400.00

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the A.S. in Business Marketing program at Atlantis University must:

  • Be at least 18 years old or have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Complete an in-person or phone interview with Admissions Department.
  • Provide a copy of their high school diploma or GED (or the equivalent in their country).
  • Translate documents from non-English speaking countries into English.
  • Provide an official transcript from other accredited postsecondary schools if seeking transfer credits.
  • Show evidence of English proficiency if a student’s primary language is not English. This can be done through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Please see the Admissions Department for more information.
Official transcripts and any other documentation must be forwarded directly to the Atlantis University by the granting institution.

Success Stories


“Atlantis University allowed me to graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration while helping me with internships that lead to my current employment. All of the courses in the degree were employer-focused and allowed me to earn  the credentials and qualifications that directly improved my  job and advancement possibilities.

Lisette Estes

“The more I discovered about AU, the more positive I became that this is THE place for an education that will lead to a better career in business administration. ”

Jonathan Diaz