The Master of Business Administration

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Atlantis University’s School of Business prepares students for leadership in today’s rapidly changing global economy. In order to compete and succeed in the 21st century, business leaders must not only be able to adapt to change, they must drive change.

Our goal is to help students prepare for a career in management positions by shaping creative thinkers, strong communicators and the best negotiators.



The objectives of Atlantis University’s MBA program are to:

  • Help students develop superior managerial competencies, which are essential for effective leadership, by teaching them to integrate business strategies, international business concepts, marketing tools and critical analysis to resolve situations in unpredictable environments.
  • Provide students with the tools and practical experiences essential to an executive in business.
  • Further develop students’ knowledge of central functions of management, marketing, finance and information technology in a global economy.
  • Enhance students’ appreciation of the ethical and legal scenarios as the context for their own contributions to the economic and social well-being of their communities.
  • Shape students’ understanding of and sensitivity to cultural differences in the workplace as they impact management effectiveness.


What you’ll learn

The MBA program at Atlantis University instructs graduate students in the theories and practices of the modern business world. The goal is for them to attain positions of leadership with the ability to manage a comprehensive and complex business organizations.

Students will work on improving their decision-making skills, enhancing their analytical process, becoming stronger communicators, developing new technological skills, and representing themselves professionally in their work environment.

Those who complete this program will be qualified to pursue leadership positions in a range of industries where a strong grasp of business is needed.

Program breakdown by courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
MBA 501 Managerial Economics3.0 credit hours
MBA 521 International Strategic Management3.0 credit hours
MBA 531 Leadership and Organizational Behavior3.0 credit hours
MBA 541 Quantitative Business Methods3.0 credit hours
MBA 671 Information and Technology Systems3.0 credit hours
MBA 681 Markets and Consumers Based Management3.0 credit hours
MBA 691 Financial Management3.0 credit hours
MBA 697 Accounting for Managers3.0 credit hours
MBA 700 Graduate Business Research Project3.0 credit hours
MBA 710 Capstone Field Project 3.0 credit hours

Admissions Requirements

As required by the Commission for Independent Education, students pursuing a master’s degree at Atlantis University must successfully complete a minimum of 24 semester-credit-hours beyond the bachelor’s level in a specific business administration curriculum.
In order to qualify for admission, students must:

  • Complete an enrollment agreement.
  • Have a personal interview with Atlantis University, either over the phone or onsite at the Atlantis University Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida campus.
  • Submit a resume indicating education and complete work history.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent conferred by a verified institution of postsecondary education.
  • Send transcripts from previous educational pursuits.

Master of Business Administration
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