The Master of Business Administration



Atlantis University’s School of Business prepares students for leadership in today’s rapidly changing global economy. In order to compete and succeed in the 21st century, business leaders must not only be able to adapt to change, they must drive change.

Our goal is to help students prepare for a career in management positions by shaping creative thinkers, strong communicators and the best negotiators.

Startup Mentality

We believe in fostering an innovative spirit. Business students work with those from AU’s other schools to build and operate new companies that will be presented to angel investors.

Case Method

AU’s curriculum incorporates the now-famous Harvard Business Review case studies. Students analyze and dissect business scenarios around the world.

Achieve more

Through collaborative projects and social clubs, students learn about technology and engineering in addition to business.

Practical Learning

Students apply theory in the workplace. All students are required to identify and present solutions for companies in their communities.
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The objectives of Atlantis University’s MBA program are to:


The MBA program at Atlantis University instructs graduate students in the theories and practices of the modern business world. The goal is for them to attain positions of leadership with the ability to manage a comprehensive and complex business organizations.

Students will work on improving their decision-making skills, enhancing their analytical process, becoming stronger communicators, developing new technological skills, and representing themselves professionally in their work environment.

Those who complete this program will be qualified to pursue leadership positions in a range of industries where a strong grasp of business is needed.

What’s my investment?

We pride ourselves in delivery quality education at a lower cost. Atlantis University is half the cost of other traditional universities.

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Admissions Requirements

As required by the Commission for Independent Education, students pursuing a master's degree at Atlantis University must successfully complete a minimum of 24 semester-credit-hours beyond the bachelor’s level in a specific business administration curriculum.
In order to qualify for admission, students must:
  • Complete an enrollment agreement.
  • Have a personal interview with Atlantis University, either over the phone or onsite at the Atlantis University Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida campus.
  • Submit a resume indicating education and complete work history.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation.
  • Hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent conferred by a verified institution of postsecondary education.
  • Send transcripts from previous educational pursuits.

Graduation Requirements

Effective Fall 2018

Aligned with the University’s Mission to prepare career-minded individuals through quality education, the University reviews and updates its curriculum on an ongoing basis ensuring its academic programs remain up-to-date, respond to the needs of current industry and employment trends, and prepare graduates with the required competencies and skills to remain competitive.

Therefore, and to ensure that students possess the skills to conduct effective discourse, research, and research writing to be successful in their academic programs, effective Fall 2018, all Graduate Students must have completed a Graduate-level Research and Writing Course as a pre-requisite before advancing into any 700-level courses within their graduate degree programs at Atlantis University. The course is not a requisite for Graduation, but it is a pre-requisite for the upper level courses.

Basic proficiency in English is a necessary prerequisite for successful completion of this course. The course is not intended to teach English; instead, it is designed to introduce graduate students to rhetorical and compositional concepts, skills, and practices.

All students from the Class of 2019 must successfully complete all pre-requisite courses before advancing into 700-level graduate courses. In addition, effective Fall 2018, graduate students who have successfully completed less than 21 credits of their academic program must complete the Graduate Research and Writing course. All other students currently attending a graduate degree at the start of Fall 2018, and with more than 21 credits completed, should visit the Registrar Office to find out if this requirement for upper-level courses applies to them.

Although 500 and 600 level courses are prerequisites before 700-level courses can be taken in a graduate degree program, if prior to the Fall 2018, a student was granted approval to take a 700-level course before the completion of all prerequisites, the student can still opt to benefit from taking the Research and Writing course. Students from the Class of 2018 who have not yet completed graduation requirements at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester, may still opt to benefit from the course. Finally, Graduate students who completed the program requirements prior to Fall 2018 may not enroll in the Research and Writing Course as part of their program.

Success Stories


“Atlantis University allowed me to graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration while helping me with internships that lead to my current employment. All of the courses in the degree were employer-focused and allowed me to earn  the credentials and qualifications that directly improved my  job and advancement possibilities.

Lisette Estes

“The more I discovered about AU, the more positive I became that this is THE place for an education that will lead to a better career in business administration. ”

Jonathan Diaz

Atlantis University
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