I take this moment to thank you all! Being accepted at “Atlantis University” scholarship MBA program gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams not just because it offers me a scholarship but like my other classmates, I applied for “Atlantis University” for different reasons. Being a student at Atlantis means as if you are home, in your own country, surrounded by your family.Everyone at the university was willing to help me, they were so respectful and encouraged me in every way possible in order to make me feel better and secure.Once I started the classes at Atlantis university, Professor Brown told us once; “I’m here not to fail you but to make you succeed in your life”. At that moment I felt that my journey just began and my future in Atlantis and my family’s future as well. I even had an opportunity to be an intern at “Marketing Company” for two months which gave me the chance to learn the US experience.Thank you Atlantis for helping me achieving my goals.
Reem Abu Omar
September 19, 2016
Jhon Muñoz, one of our students from Colombia, is currently studying the Masters of Information Technology at A.U. With over 15 years of professional experience in the technology and IT industries, he has held positions as an IT and systems engineer in south America and has had experience coding with .net, C#, ASP.NET.Jhon’s professional experience has taken him to different countries like Ecuador where he worked for PRONACA, one of the largest food suppliers in the country, and Venezuela where he was a systems engineer for Johnson & Johnson. His experience as a systems engineer allowed him to travel and work in Brazil, Chile and Argentina as a software and web developer for several multinational companies. Prior to coming to the United States, Jhon moved to Australia to improve his English and earn certificates in SQL Server, Business Intelligence and PMP.
Jhon Muñoz
Masters of Information Technology
September 19, 2016
La experiencia Atlantis University, ha cambiado significativamente mi visión del mundo empresarial y mi participación como ese Líder integral y global que debo ser. Con un profundo compromiso a lograr la meta del MBA con el mismo nivel que se me imparte. Por ofrecer los más altos estándares de Calidad, por ello y por mucho más, agradecida de ser parte de Atlantis University.
Roxanny Chacin
September 20, 2016

Gabriela Rodriguez

(Venezuela) testimony at Atlantis University Miami

Ha sido muy fácil, me encanta, me he adaptado muy bién. La atención de la universidad es personalizada, siempre están pendientes de ti. Tuve la facilidad de que pude transferir mis créditos a la universidad, ellos me ayudaron mucho con eso.

Juliana Bavaresco’s

(Brazil) testimony at Atlantis University Miami

Today i have friends, today i have a degree thanks to Atlantis. My experience in general was really good. I liked to be here and I’m very proud of me and proud of the University.

Vivian Mateo’s

testimony at Atlantis University Miami

So far mine has been a wonderful learning experience. When I came in, I did not know much information about the computer field, but here I’ve been introduced to the backgrounds and overall employment opportunities that would be available within the field. The teachers are fantastic and they make themselves available to the students.

Fernando Da Silva’s

(Brazil) testimony at Atlantis University Miami

All the classes have been excellent. Professors, students and the service is perfect. I took a variety of certifications that have helped me to get a lot of experience in IT, and gave me the opportunity to start a job as a support technician.

David Rodriguez’s

(Guatemala) testimony at Atlantis University Miami

When I came here (Miami) from my country I was looking for a university and found this as a great place.
I applied and AU’s staff guided me through all the process of my student visa and immigration papers. In the U.S and around the world certifications are very important for IT, and here in Atlantis we have the advantage that when studying we’re preparation for those certifications.

Jose Escobar ‘s

testimony at Atlantis University Miami

My experience’s (at AU) been great, I now not only have a great education but the opportunity to be in class with all the people that are in the same field as I am, I get to know them, we share knowledge and information. I have no doubt in my mind that when I get out of here with my degree I’ll be very competitive in the market.

Luis Coelho’s

(Mozambique) testimony at Atlantis University Miami

My experience in Atlantis University until now has been wonderful, I enjoy the school, the people in the school, they are very friendly people. I think the quality of the education is really great, they have really great teachers, and the whole staff pay attention to the students and try to support them in everything.

Atlantis University
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